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Make me smile...

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Jun. 30th, 2008 | 11:23 am
music: Claire de Lune - Debussy

Friday morning I got sent home from work. My supervisor wanted to give me time to greive. She could see it on my face that I was still so sad. I cried, then she cried. And then I left.

After running a few errands, I got home. All I wanted to do was cry and sleep. I went out back to water my plants...I have cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, grapes, bellpeppers and jalepenos...None of which are ready to eat.

I watered my tomatoes and noticed how big they're getting...I thought to myself, "I can't wait to show g-dub!!" (great grandma)...I started crying because I realized I wasn't going to be able to show her.

Well. That night, as I said in my last post, I went to my mom's on Friday evening. I'd only wanted to visit that night. I ended up staying there all weekend.

After taking a shower just now, I remembered that I'd neglected my plants all weekend. I didn't even think to ask Chelsea to water them.

Amazing it is...I went out to check on them and bring them water...and my tomatoes are turning red. That made me smile so much. And I knew just then that it was okay about my great grandma...I felt that in some way she'd helped my plants grow while I was at my moms. Does that sound crazy? I mean, all this time I've been waiting and watching them every single day. Feeling almost like a failure about it...remembering delicious tomatoes that she would grow...wondering if mine would turn out like that.

They're turning red. And the sun is shining brightly. Despite the issues within myself, I just NEED to have fun. My spirit needs to be light, because that is just who I am.

The tomatoes have made my day, I've decided.

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Liar, Liar

(no subject)

from: okayilovehim
date: Jul. 1st, 2008 07:33 pm (UTC)

and this is why your my favorite person. it's not crazy, not at all.

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