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Jun. 21st, 2008 | 02:57 pm

Brace yourselves little LJ'ers,

I'm going to make this my juice feasting journal.
I usually do seperate journals for everything in my life,
But I don't feel like dividing myself anymore.

I'm doing a juice feast.
Prospectively 92 days, we'll see.

I've been doing my research,
So I'm getting prepared.
I went and bought some stuff from the store today.
Already, this juice feasting thing is not what I expected.
I thought juice feasting meant just juices.

Apparently not.
There is hemp oil involved, bee pollen, blue green algea, spirulina, chlorella, you name it...even kelp granules!!!

This is packed nutrients for 92 days.
My body's going to love me.

I've never done anything like this before,
So bare with me.

My trip to the Co-Op to try and cross some of my JF items off my list was a pricey one.
Just for spirulina, bentonite (i think that's what it is), psyllium husk, and some other items...those alone were kind of pricey. In addition, I also got some swiss chard, two bundles of spinach, carrots, a huge-ass watermelon...etc etc

I didn't follow my plan of drinking water first.
I didn't have an pH balanced water left,
So I had to do all my shopping first.

By the time I got home, I was so wanting to try my juice, that I said SCREW IT to having a quart of water for breakfast.

I juiced the entire watermelon that I got.
In a seperate container I juiced spinach, celery and lemon.

I combined my Green juice mix (spinach, celery and lemon) with watermelon, and stirred in some Green Superfood Blend powder...

I'm currently sipping on my juice :)

Oh, so I had about 16oz of watermelon juice for lunch.

Now for an early dinner I'm having 1 quart of Green juice with watermelon.

I need to hit up to 4 quarts today. How is that even possible? I'm so freaking full already and I've not even made a dent into my juice right now.

I have to go now. I've got to get ready to leaaave. I'm singing the national anthem tonight at the nascar races at Placer County Fairgrounds...so when I'm done singing, I get free tickets to the fair...that's where I'll be!

Oh and tomorrow I'm having a YARD SALE :D


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