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Jun. 23rd, 2008 | 11:08 pm
location: 6th St
music: I Will Sing You Songs - My Morning Jacket

Who did I think I was for that second where I believed I could JUICE FEAST?!

WTF. Juice feast. WTF.

I understand the concept, but holy mother of god, even trying to do it for 2 days, I bombed. I bought a lot of the things that I read about. Many great supplements. But lord oh lord. After 2 days of mixing nasty shit into greens and drinky stuff that tasted salty, I just thought.....FUCK I'D RATHER NOT EAT AT ALL.

It's easier to restrict/fast than to juice feast. I don't know how people drink 4 quarts a day. I surely couldn't. I tried.

I still have like 8lbs of oranges haha and 2 bags of swiss chard and a huge thing of carrots and cucumbers..so I'm going to continue to just mostly consume juice this week. But grr I'm not happy about it. I thought I would be.

In the mean time, I'm going to the gym again. I pushed myself tonight just like old times. Mini-goals.
Back sweat.
Red face.
Twitching muscles...
It's all a part of many great memories.

Tonight at the gym a thought came to my head that felt less of a thought from physical existence, but more of a thought from my spirit. It was like I was no longer in my body..I could see myself from the inside as a spirit, and my spirit self said to my physical self "Show them what you're made of. Seriously, fucking push yourself at whatever you do and you'll be 100%. You can be what EVER YOU WANT TO BE."

It's so true, too. It felt like some old spirit guiding a young body. It was surreal.

So I pushed myself...telling myself that no one gets to their goals if they give up. True true true.


I went to the psychic institute tonight. They always know what's up, I swear.


I'm waiting on my checkbook wallet in the mail...and I've got $0.00 in the bank account, literally. But it's all good, because I know I'll be SO good in the money department very soon.


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